The Food Diversity Challenge — How Many Foods Can You Eat In One Year?

Welcome to One Thousand Foods. We have devoted this site to seeking food diversity and a greater variety in our diets through wild foods, ethnic foods, gardening, heirlooms, primitive and traditional diets and herbs.

This year, and for years to come, we are issuing ourselves a challenge. The challenge is to eat at least 1000 different species of food in one calendar year. As we reach for this goal we plan to share recipes, menu ideas, interesting information on different foods, and our journey and progress toward the goal.

Why the Food Diversity Challenge?

  • Because variety and diversity in our diets gives our bodies access to a variety of different vitamins and nutrients  which is good for our health.
  • Because we are excited to learn about new foods, new ways of eating, cultural, traditional and wild food diets.
  • Because searching for different foods will be fun for us and our children, a bit of an adventure in food.

In these pages we are defining diversity of food as different species of food. For example apple, carrot and cabbage. And variety is going to refer to the different variety of foods within the same species. For example variety would include golden delicious, honey crisp, pippin, jonagold, empire and gala apples.

As we keep track of our progress, you will see 2 different numbers that we will be recording. The first number will just include the different species of food that we are eating. The second number will include all the different varieties as well.  At the end of each week you will see the total numbers for the year displayed like this:



We will also be keeping a running list of what each species and variety is. At the end of each week we will list the new (for the year) foods that were eaten. You will find the total list of foods for the year listed on the  “1000 foods list” page.

Join us as we pursue this new adventure in food, culture and health!


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