Week One: The Challenge Accepted

It’s the first week of our one thousand foods challenge, and we are off to a great start. Everyone is enjoying the variety in the meals. I hope we can keep the momentum. With our recent trip to markets near Detroit, we have tried a lot of new things. Even our picky eaters have risen to the challenge.

Following are the highlights of this last week’s meals, possibly some new family favorites.

Tamarind/highbush cranberry chutney with venison

Banana flower salad

Sushi (of course)

Dragon fruit and black walnuts with vanilla ice cream

Chicken with persimmon marinade

Chicken and Asian vegetable gluten free pizza

Yum! Lots of great dishes. In future posts we may be sharing some more of these recipes.

Totals for the week:



New  foods this week:

This week the list is so long I’m only listing the highlights, check out the 1000 Foods list page for a more complete list of foods eaten so far this year.

Arugula, avocado, red ecuador bananas, black walnuts, gobo burdock, calabash gourd, nappa cabbage, coco malanga, dragon fruit, gingko nuts, highbush cranberry, jack fruit, longan berry, lotus root, lychee, mizuna, nira, persimmon, purple potato, radicchio, shiitake, tamarind, unagi, wakame

How do you plan to diversify your diet this year?  Let us know in the comments.


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