Mother’s Day and Morels

Where we live, Mother’s Day and morels go hand in hand. Our small community is known for its morel hunting and every year on Mother’s Day weekend is the annual mushroom festival. It usually marks the beginning of morel season in our area.

Whether you enjoy the hunt and being out in the spring woods, or will pay the $40 per pound price tag, morels seem to get people pretty excited.

Where to look for morels? A few places we have had luck are old apple orchards, near elm trees dead or alive, and underneath aspens. Some people find them in old campfires among the charcoal. Look carefully cause they like to blend in. 

As with all wild foods, make sure you have a good identification guide. And for morels, remember that you have to cook them, don’t eat them raw. 

We enjoy a creamy morel soup. We also like to just saute them with some wild leeks. How do you eat a morel? The weather is still good for finding them, but not for long. You might start seeing some oyster mushrooms too.

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