Can you eat lilacs?

Can you eat lilacs? This is the question I asked myself last year as flowers were blooming all over my yard. I thought, I wonder how many of the plants around me are edible. There were a few that were definitely not edible such as the irises and the deadly nightshade flowers. And a few definitely edible such as dandelions and violets. But lilacs, I just wasn’t sure. So I began to do a little research and it turns out that the lilac flowers are edible. 

Unfortunately by the time I figured it out, the blooms were starting to wilt and turn a little brown. Not the best for eating. So all year and all winter I have been looking forward to late spring/early summer when the lilacs will start to bloom again. All the shades of purple, pink and white should make for some interesting dishes. And, I am determined to take advantage of the lilac season that lasts only about 2 weeks around here.

The challenge here is how many ways can you think of to eat the lilac? I am going to have some lilac scones, and make some lilac syrup. Maybe I will add a few flowers to my salad with dinner. Please share your recipes and ideas with all of us in the comments below.

Lilac Lemon Scones

Gluten free scones are a little tricky. They turned out more like muffin tops, but very tasty. 

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