Beet Kvass Recipe Without Whey

a bunch of beets -- beet kvass without whey


Red, white, yellow, long, short, flat, round and huge–garden beets come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. All of them are tasty, and all of them would work great for this beet kvass recipe without whey!

Beets are a great root vegetable for including in a wide variety of dishes. If you have set a goal to eat seasonally, beets are a perfect root for most of the year, but especially in winter because of their ability to store well. This winter so far we have been eating beet salad, roasted beets, beet soup and beets in stir fry. We just tried making beet kvass for the first time too.

Beet Kvass without Whey

beet kvass in jar

Kvass is a traditional Russian fermented beverage, low in alcohol, made from stale breads or cereals and often flavored. Beet kvass is a variation of traditional bread kvass. It is a probiotic tonic using beets instead of bread. We chose to flavor our kvass with ginger, honey and orange peels.

beet kvass ingredients

Beet Kvass Without Whey

Beet kvass made without whey is a tasty, earthy beverage with a little sparkle. 

  • 2 cups beets chopped into small cubes
  • 10 Tbsp raw honey
  • 2 tsp salt
  • 2 Tbsp fresh ginger chopped small
  • 4 Tbsp citrus peel grated
  • distilled water
  1. Put all ingredients in a 2 quart mason jar.

  2. Cover ingredients with distilled water and continue to add distilled water until within one inch of top of jar. 

  3. Put canning jar lid on jar. Mix ingredients by tipping jar back and forth a few times. 

  4. Place jar in a warm dark place. Once a day release the pressure from the jar as it builds from the fermenting process.

  5. Kvass should be ready to drink when fizzy, usually after 3-7 days depending on the temperature of the room where it is kept. 

  6. Once kvass is ready to drink, strain off the beet mixture. Keep finished kvass in the fridge to prevent further fermentation and to chill before drinking. The beets can either be used to make a second round of weaker kvass, or eaten as is. 

Recipe Notes

It is a good idea to place the mason jar in a tray with edges. Sometimes the liquid will fizz over and spill out of the jar. 

We liked the kvass. The kids said it was even a bit too sweet. Jeremy and I like it in small glasses as a probiotic treat. And after drinking the kvass, you can eat the beets. Check out more of our beet recipes and posts here. Have you tried kvass? Let us know in the comments below.

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