Planting in the Rain: Red Welsh Bunching Onions and Utah Tall Celery

Good morning spring! I love warm spring rain, so this morning I decided to plant one of my garden beds in the rain. The Red Welsh Bunching Onions that have been growing in my front window since February were begging to be planted, and my Utah Tall Celery was ready for planting too. So, while the rest of the house was still asleep, I was planting in the rain.

The sky is cloudy, the air is a cool 58°F, misty warm rain is keeping the ground moist and perfect for transplanting my seedlings.

Utah Tall Celery

I am excited about the celery. I have never successfully grown celery before. Last year I planted some, but the deer and rabbits ate it before it really grew. This year we have a newly installed garden fence, and I am hoping to eat my garden instead of feed the wildlife.

There weren’t a lot of celery varieties to choose from. Utah Tall Celery is an open pollinated variety and theoretically I could save seeds, if they get mature enough to produce seed before being eaten. If this one grows well, I may try growing some red celery. Redventure Celery or Giant Red celery are 2 varieties that I have seen that look pretty.

Red Welsh Bunching Onions

Most years I plant a few onions, but will buy the majority of my onions at a local garden market. Mostly I mix my onions in among the cabbage and broccoli to try to keep away the cabbage moths. Garden space is limited when you are growing for a family of 7, and I can buy a 50 pound bag of onions for 6 dollars in the fall. This spring I’m trying out these Red Welsh Bunching Onions, because those market onions don’t give much variety.

My onions have been growing so nice in my front window, I hope they continue to thrive out in the garden.

Have fun in your spring garden. Have you grown celery before? Onions? Think about trying some new varieties this year to increase the diversity in your diet.

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