Wild harvested greens for the dinner plate

Can you identify the greens in my dinner? We were out of veggies, and not going to the store until next morning, so my husband came back with some wild harvested greens for the dinner plate.

When we do a wild harvest my husband gravitates usually toward tree leaves and bitter greens. Often there will be wild mustards in the mix. I usually pick the sweeter more tender greens. I usually grab amaranth, lambsquarters, a few violets and dandelion greens.

The dinner above includes basswood leaves, chicory, dandelion, lambsquarters, wild asparagus and chickweed stir fried with chicken thighs.

I like my wild greens cooked usually. Jeremy will also just make them into salads and is always trying to find something new to add.

What are you harvesting from the wild right now that Jeremy and I should try?

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