Radish mini challenge – #6-8 Chinese green luobo radish, Watermelon radish, Sparkler radish

Four Radish salad

The Radish mini challenge continues! This week I added 3 new radishes to the list for a total so far of 8 different radishes. I didn’t think finding different radish varieties would be so hard.

The new varieties

#6 Chinese green luobo radish, #7 Watermelon radish, #8 Sparkler radish. The first two of these varieties came from the garden and the other from the market.

Chinese green luobo radishes from the garden

Chinese green luobo radishes

Freshly harvested from our garden, these radishes turned out well, considering the lack of rain this summer. Half green and half white they look really pretty sliced in a salad with other radishes.

Watermelon radishes from the garden

Watermelon radishes

The seed packet for these radishes labeled them as watermelon radishes, but as you can see in the picture below, they aren’t green on the out and pink in the middle or the other way around. I have seen watermelon radishes that are green and pink, so, I hope to find these other “watermelon”radishes too. Even though not what I expected, they sure are pretty especially with the green luobo radishes.

Watermelon radishes and chinese green luobo radishes sliced

Sparkler radishes

Sparkler radishes

The sparkler radishes were from the market, and are the more typical colors of deep pink skin and white flesh.

Four Radish salad

For my salad, I thinly sliced my watermelon, sparkler and green luobo radishes and then filled in the bulk by shredding the bag of French breakfast radishes that the neighbor brought by. ?Thanks Bill!

This radish salad looks like Christmas in July! With a little salt, olive oil and cider vinegar it’s a perfect summer salad. We would love to hear about your favorite radish recipes. There are a lot of different radishes growing out in the garden!

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