Dandelion greens with dinner

Dandelion greens

Dandelion greens

Autumn, among other things, is one of the best times to experiment with greens. Dandelion greens aren’t that fancy or new to us, but they don’t taste as bitter when the weather is cool. And that makes them a great addition to any fall meal.

These greens pictured above are from the grocery store. And, they are a different variety of dandelion green from the red ribbed dandelion greens that were sold at the store last time I bought dandelion greens. A good reminder that different seasons offer different varieties of the same foods.

For lots of variety, you could hunt down some wild dandelion greens. Make sure you only pick dandelion greens from a lawn that has not been treated with pesticides, herbicides or chemicals!Apparently there are at least 250 varieties of dandelion!

Greens at the grocery store:Dandelion greens in right lower corner

Dandelion green and dried cherry salad

For dinner, I just washed my dandelion greens and served them with a drizzle of olive oil, dried cherries and some goat cheese. The dried fruit is always nice to sweeten up some slightly bitter greens, and my kids will say, goat cheese is good with just about everything.

And those dried cherries? They were several different varieties from when we went cherry picking this past summer. More on that coming soon.

Join the challenge and try some dandelion greens with dinner tonight!

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