About Us

This blog at onethousandfoods is devoted to seeking food diversity and a greater variety in our diets through wild foods, ethnic foods, gardening, heirlooms, primitive and traditional diets and herbs. Why? For better health, the adventure of searching for these new (to us) foods, and for the thrill of learning something new.

We have seen different sources state that primitive or native peoples included anywhere from 200-2000 different species of food in a given year based on region of the world. Today, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the majority of the worlds calories come from the same 50 species.

The challenge: To achieve 1000 different foods in one calendar year. As we reach for the goal we plan to share recipes, menu ideas, interesting information on different foods, and blog our journey and progress as we expand our diet to include the worlds cornucopia of edibles.