Community Supported Agriculture

Signing up for the CSA

Well we just signed up for a summer of fresh local farm products including; vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs honey, syrup, soap and maybe even milk. I can hardly wait for June! We signed a contract with a local farm and paid the fee. In return we receive a weekly selection or “share” of the above farm foods from June through September. Our contract is for 18 weeks. This is community supported agriculture. Our money in the winter allows for the farm to buy seeds, supplies, infrastructure and more when it is needed so that by late spring the farm is producing food for members and market sales. And some farms offer contracts for the spring, fall and winter seasons too.

Reasons to Join

Why join a CSA farm? Well there are a number of reasons. . . . . but for the purposes of food diversity, a local sustainable often organic farm is usually growing a lot of interesting varieties of produce. The first CSA we were a part of 14 years ago gave us vegetables we never knew existed, and the varieties were amazing in number and quality. I had never heard of kohlrabi, and we received 2 different types and lettuces, easily 20 different types over the course of the season. I was so proud of my kids just trying and loving all these new vegetables. It was wonderful community and amazing food.

Where to Find a CSA

Of course every CSA farm is different in how they operate as well as what farm products they offer. But, they are becoming more and more common as farmers young and old seek to make farming a sustainable income and sustainable business. You can find a local CSA by meeting the farmers at your local farm market. The following link is another great place to look.

Good luck to you and don’t wait too long. Every farm has a different deadline, and we almost missed ours.

As our CSA vegetables and fruits start arriving this spring we will be sure to highlight some of the varieties that are included in our weekly cache. We hope you too will share vegetables and recipe ideas.

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