Mini Challenge: Pick the Other Color

Old habits die hard

It is so easy to get in the habit of eating the same foods over and over again! Here at One Thousand Foods we challenge you to change things up and try something new. This mini challenge is about taking something that you eat all the time, and picking another variety. It is the Pick The Other Color: Mini Challenge

Choose the rainbow

Why don’t you try those rainbow colored carrots at the store instead of the regular orange ones. The purple ones are really sweet.

Maybe you could try those mini red bananas. You’ve always wondered if they taste any different.

Head for the farmers market and pick up the yellow or black radishes. Or get the easter egg radishes, a mix of different colored varieties.

Even better, head for the ethnic grocery store. The Middle Eastern market, the Asian market, the Mexican market. Even the Italian market may surprise you with foods or varieties that you have never tried or even seen before.

Purple sweet potatoes, orange eggplant, string beans that are yellow with purple flecks. Peppers and tomatoes come in tons of varieties not seen in the store.

You know you like potatoes, get the blue ones next time. You like oranges, try a blood orange. Pick a different apple. Eat a different mushroom. Try to break the habit of always going for the same thing.

When you plan your garden this year, get seeds for a variety that you can’t buy in the store. Orange watermelon, pink popcorn, purple beans, flat beans, long beans, green radishes, red okra, yellow tomatoes. There are just so many varieties of the vegetables that you already love!

New Years Resolution

Make it a goal this year to “Pick the other color”. Or, at least try the other color. You just may like it!

You do not like them.

So you say.

Try them. Try them, and you may!

– Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham

And, most of the time, when you buy that different variety, you are supporting the smaller farmer, your local farmer, sometimes even a neighbor’s backyard garden farm. And if only for that, it’s worth the challenge.

Here’s to a colorful year!

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