Mini Challenge: Pick the Other Color

Old habits die hard It is so easy to get in the habit of eating the same foods over and over again! Here at One Thousand Foods we challenge you to change things up and try something new. This mini challenge is about taking something that you eat all the time, and picking another variety….

Radish mini challenge: #5 Rosa radish

Rosa radishes, the 5th radish in our challenge. It is getting harder to find new radishes at the store. Next stop, the farmers market! These rosa radishes are such a pretty pink color and pretty large. Not too spicy, these ones we just snacked on and chopped up in our salads. I think I need…

Radish mini challenge: #4 French Breakfast radish

Radish #4 in our radish mini challenge is the French breakfast radish. Typically this radish has been served with toast and butter for. . . breakfast of course. I’m not a fan of butter on my radishes, but shredded radishes in a tortilla wrap or on a sandwich is a nice treat.

Radish mini challenge: #3 Cherry Belle radish

Cherry belle radishes- radish #3 in the mini challenge. I wonder how many varieties I will be able to find this summer. These cherry belle radishes are easily found at our local grocery stores. They are a nice large mild tasting radish. We served some with our dinner salad, but we also cooked them up…

Radish mini challenge: #2 Daikon radish with Culantro

Daikon radish Daikon radish is not a new radish to us. It is actually one of our favorites. It is a mild tasting radish, easy to snack on. The kids like it raw and pickled, or served in soups and salads, and with veggie dip. I think its a favorite because it is nice and…

Radish mini challenge: #1 The Cincinnati radish

In the effort to increase diversity, one mini challenge is to pick different varieties of the vegetables that we eat all the time. So, we have the Radish mini challenge. Our first radish of the challenge: the cincinnati radish. It is a red icicle type radish, and we are going to use it in salad….